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That is a bold statement but my customers have expressed that sentiment to me over and over again. I know of Sheep Suits that are more than 6 years old and I understand that they are still in good condition. If you are tired of patching the patches that are already on your covers then maybe you should give Sheep Suits a try. It is a smart investment for the peace of mind that they can give you; knowing that you won’t go out to feed tomorrow morning and find your prize winning ewe standing on her cover . . . and then having to catch her to put another patched up cover on the best fleece in your flock.

Australian Wool Innovation Ltd. published a study in March 2003 titled: "Economic Viability of Sheep Coats for Wool Production". Here are a few of the conclusions:

  • Sheep coats on average returned an extra $3.40 per head (from a commercial flock of thousands in Australia). In 2014 that would be about another dollar per head.
  • There is no doubt that some raw wool characteristics are positively influenced by coating sheep, especially VM contamination, style, overall wool yield and tip weathering.
  • Coating usually improves Style by approximately one style grade.
  • Sheep coats dramatically reduced incidence of fleece rot, dermatitis and fly strike.
  • Coats kept the sheep drier . . . the coated sheep were virtually dry by the next morning.

Sheep Suits Sheep Covers can do this for your flock. Word of mouth advertising from handspinners raving about your clean wool cannot be purchased at any price. Are you ready to get serious about providing clean, top quality wool for your market? Now is the time to get started. You will marvel at the improvement in your fleece quality and so will your customers. Models for horned sheep and silky but tough lighter fabric for fine wooled sheep are available.

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This means that you may now call or email me and usually have your covers shipped within a day or two. I keep over 500 covers in stock. If I am out of a certain size or you have an unusually large order it may be 7 to 10 days before I ship but I will notify you about any delays. I did not like waiting 3 or 4 weeks for my cover order be shipped when I was raising sheep and it has always been my intention that you won't have to experience that same frustration.

Please see the "how to measure" page for sizing information.


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