Information about fiber and sheep, including links to folks that we do business with and recommend.

Spud and Billie
  • Handweavers Guild of Boulder - Dedicated to exploring the lore and techniques in handweaving and related textile arts and to stimulate interest in these media.
  • Lanicombs - LaniCombs is a company dedicated to quality fiber tools, which are made of the finest materials and workmanship.
  • Schacht Spindle - Top quality tools for your handspinning and handweaving dreams.
  • Zeilinger Wool - Processes sheep wool, angora, mohair, angora rabbit hair, llama, alpaca, and other exotic animal fibers.
  • Shuttles, Spindles & Skeins - offering supplies and classes in knitting, weaving and spinning in Boulder, Colorado.
  • - Ranch and livestock links that provide a wealth of information sources.
  • Sheep! Magazine - The best source of current sheep information and practices. In print or online.
  • American Sheep Industry Assoc. - Your sheep industry advocate since 1865. That doesn't mean they are behind the times. They have tons of information about sheep and their Sheep Production Handbook is, as far as I am concerned, is the bible of both large and small flock owners. You will not regret spending $75.00.
  • NCWGA - Natural Colored Wool Growers Assoc. is the place to go if you are interested in naturally colored sheep and their wool. Since 1977 the purpose of NCWGA has been to assist members in the development and promotion of natural colored sheep and wool.
  • Black Sheep Newsletter - This newsletter provides a medium where sheep growers can find markets for their fleeces and a forum where experiences, ideas and related information could be exchanged with other shepherds.
  • The Black Sheep Gathering - The BSG strives to provide an environment dedicated to: education, cooperation and participation, an atmosphere of fellowship and fun, and celebrating natural colored animals and their fibers.


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